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Anticipated Features of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: What We Know

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It’s still early days, with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra having just launched, but rumors about the next big phone in the series, the S25 Ultra, are already swirling. Here’s a glimpse at what we might expect from Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

Anticipated Features of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: What We Know

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Release Date and Price (Expected)

While there’s no official confirmation, Samsung typically unveils its new Galaxy S series in the year’s first quarter. Following this trend, the release date prediction is that we could see the S25 Ultra launched around February 2025. Price-wise, expect it to fall within the same range as the S24 Ultra, which can be expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Design and Build

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Design and Build

  • The phone is expected to feature a premium titanium build with Corning’s glare-free glass, designed for the Samsung flagship. For the Galaxy S25 Plus. Premium titanium is built with Corning’s glare-free glass at the front.
  • Design-wise, the Galaxy S25 series will likely maintain the mostly flat design of its predecessor.
  • An S Pen will be built-in, and the phone will have IP68 water- and dust resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Display

  • The display is likely to remain at 6.8 inches.
  • It will continue to be a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with a super-smooth 1-120Hz screen refresh rate.
  • Hopefully, it will offer even higher maximum brightness for better outdoor visibility on the upcoming Galaxy S25 models.
Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Chipset and Performance

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Chipset and Performance

  • Expect the upcoming Galaxy S25 to showcase groundbreaking technology. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip to power the Galaxy S25 Ultra.
  • There’s a possibility of an Exynos variant for the Galaxy S25 models for international markets.
  • The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is a 3nm chipset with improved performance and efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Battery

  • While we hope for better battery life, space constraints may limit a significantly larger battery.
  • We might see the return of 45W charging support.
Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Cameras

The camera has always been a significant selling point for the Ultra line, and the S25 Ultra is unlikely to disappoint. Rumors suggest upgrading the wide-angle lens and a jump to a 50MP ultrawide sensor from the current 12MP.

The telephoto lens might also see some changes, offering “variable capabilities” for even more impressive zoom options.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Features and Software

  • Incorporation of One UI 7: By the time the latest Galaxy S25 Ultra is launched, we anticipate the availability of both Android 15 and its corresponding One UI 7 interface. The flagship device may even debut with One UI 7.1. While specifics regarding these updates are limited, they will likely enhance the software’s utilization of generative AI and machine learning.
  • Galaxy AI Volume 2: Following its introduction with the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy AI is set to return with the Galaxy S25 lineup. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to offer the optimal platform for experiencing Samsung’s potential advancements in generative on-device and cloud-based artificial intelligence. Galaxy AI has emerged as a standout feature in this year’s Galaxy range, with considerable potential for ongoing enhancements. We anticipate Galaxy AI will remain a fixture and extend to other Galaxy models.
  • Extended Software Support: Samsung’s implementation of a new seven-year software support policy means we can confidently expect the upcoming phone to receive software updates for at least seven years. This implies that the Galaxy S25 Ultra could receive support until 2032, encompassing major Android upgrades and security patches.
Anticipated Features of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Other Features

Other Features:

Other rumored features include next-generation UFS 4.0 storage for faster data transfer speeds, potentially reaching up to 8GB/sec. Samsung may also double down on using Corning’s glare-free glass for improved outdoor visibility.

Remember, these are just rumors! It will be some time before Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S25 Ultra. Stay tuned for more news, confirmed specs, and everything you need to know as the release date approaches at iFixScreens.

Final Thoughts

While the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra’s details are still unknown, the rumors indicate an exciting phone with cutting-edge features. From a potentially monstrous camera upgrade to the latest processing power, the Galaxy S25 Ultra news suggests that it has the potential to be a true powerhouse. 

Of course, these are just early speculations, and Samsung always has a few surprises. We’ll have to wait until the official unveiling to know for sure. In the meantime, what features do you hope to see in the Galaxy S25 Ultra or the Galaxy S25 Plus? Let us know in the comments below!

Final Thoughts


Q. What are the anticipated features of the Galaxy S25 Ultra?

Samsung could introduce significant innovations with the Galaxy S25 series. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to come with cutting-edge technology, including a powerful processor, advanced camera system, and upgraded battery performance.

Q. When is the expected release date of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra?

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S25 could leverage generative AI for unparalleled user experiences. The precise release date of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra has not been officially confirmed, but it is anticipated to launch in 2025.

Q. What are some new features expected in the Galaxy S25 Ultra?

A. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is rumored to introduce enhancements such as improved Galaxy AI features, upgraded camera capabilities, and potentially new Exynos processors for the 2024 Samsung flagship.

Q. Will the Galaxy S25 Ultra include the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor?

A. There is speculation that theGalaxy S25 Ultra may feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor, offering advanced performance and efficiency.

Q. What sets the Galaxy S25 Ultra apart from previous models like the S24 Ultra?

A. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is expected to surpass its predecessor, the S24 Ultra, with superior camera capabilities, enhanced battery life, and improved overall performance.

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