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Apple Releases iOS 17.5 with Anti-Stalking Tech and App Store Changes in the EU

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Apple’s iOS 17.5 update, released in mid-May 2024, brings new features, security improvements, and a significant change for users in the European Union. 

Apple Releases iOS 17.5 with Anti-Stalking Tech and App Store Changes in the EU

Apple’s latest iOS update, version 17.5, brings several exciting enhancements and features. In this post, we will look into the details of this update.

Web-Based App Distribution in the EU

Web-Based App Distribution in the EU

For iPhone users in the European Union, iOS 17.5 brings a significant change: support for web-based app distribution. This means you can now download apps directly from developer websites, bypassing the App Store sometimes. This complies with the Digital Markets Act regulations in the EU.

It’s important to note that developers must meet specific criteria to offer web downloads, and Apple charges a 0.50 euro Core Technology Fee per download. However, these downloads have no commission fee, potentially offering developers a new way to distribute their apps.

  • What is it? Developers can now distribute iOS apps directly from their websites within the European Union.
  • Why is it important? This change allows users to download apps without going through the App Store, but developers must follow new rules and pay fees after reaching a certain threshold.
  • Impact: It provides more flexibility for app distribution and potentially reduces Apple’s control over the ecosystem.
Unwanted Tracker Alerts

Unwanted Tracker Alerts

  • What are they? iOS 17.5 introduces an alert system for unwanted Bluetooth trackers.
  • How does it work? If an unknown tracker is detected moving with the user, they receive a notification.
  • Why is it significant? It enhances user privacy and security by identifying potential tracking devices.
Repair State Feature

Repair State Feature

  • What is it? Users no longer need to turn off Find My when sending an iPhone for repair.
  • How does it simplify things? The Repair State feature streamlines the repair process.
  • Benefit: Users can maintain security while getting their devices fixed.
Apple News+ Gets an Offline Mode 

Apple News+ Gets an Offline Mode 

Apple News+ subscribers will be happy to see some improvements in iOS 17.5. The update introduces an offline mode for Apple News+, allowing you to access the Today feed and News+ tab without an internet connection. This is a convenient feature for catching up on news during commutes or traveling in areas with limited connectivity.

  • What does it offer? Apple News+ now supports offline reading.
  • Why is this useful? Users can catch up on articles during flights or in areas without Wi-Fi.
  • Convenience: No need to worry about connectivity while enjoying your favorite content.
Quartiles Word Game

Quartiles Word Game

Apple News+ also adds a new daily word game called Quartiles. This joins the existing crossword puzzles, offering subscribers another way to challenge themselves and have fun within the Apple News app. A new scoreboard is also available for News+ puzzles, allowing you to track your stats and compete with friends.

  • What is it? Subscribers to Apple News+ can play Quartiles, a Boggle-style word game.
  • How does it work? Connect tiles to create words and compete with other players.
  • Fun addition: It adds an interactive element to the news reading experience.
Pride Collection

Pride Collection

  • What’s included? iOS 17.5 features a Pride Radiance watch face, customizable wallpapers, and a matching Apple Watch Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop.
  • Why is it notable? It celebrates LGBTQ+ pride and offers unique customization options.


  • Which devices are supported? iOS 17.5 is available for iPhone 15 and older models, including the iPhone XR.
  • Upgrade path: Users with compatible devices can enjoy the latest features.
Security Updates and How to Install iOS 17.5

Security Updates and How to Install iOS 17.5

iOS 17.5 includes many security updates, addressing vulnerabilities in various system components like AppleAVD, Find My, Maps, and more. It’s crucial to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 17.5 as soon as possible to benefit from these security improvements.

Installing the update is straightforward. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update on your device. Once the update appears, tap “Download and Install” (or “Install Now” if it’s already downloaded) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Developer requirement

Developer Requirements

  • What do developers need to know? Those distributing apps via web-based distribution in the EU must meet specific criteria.
  • Criteria: This includes having a good-standing developer account and a history of more than a million iOS installs in the EU.
  • Compliance: Developers must adhere to these requirements for successful distribution.

Final Thoughts

Overall, iOS 17.5 delivers a range of valuable features and improvements. This update offers something for everyone, from enhanced user privacy with cross-platform tracking detection to a more convenient Apple News+ experience and new app distribution options in the EU. Remember to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 17.5 to enjoy these benefits and stay protected with the latest security fixes.


Q. What are some key features of iOS 17.5?

A. iOS 17.5 introduces new features like enhanced tracker visibility and control, improved app distribution policies in the EU, and compatibility with Bluetooth trackers for enhanced device security.

Q. How does iOS 17.5 enhance user privacy?

A. iOS 17.5 includes advanced cross-platform tracking detection technology to safeguard user privacy, ensuring that user data is not shared across apps without explicit consent.

Q. Will iOS 17.5 work on all Apple devices?

A. Yes, iOS 17.5 is compatible with a range of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, offering users a seamless experience across all devices regardless of the model or software version.

Q. How does the new app distribution policy in the EU impact developers?

A. The updated app distribution policy in the EU offers more streamlined processes for developers. It ensures compliance with regional regulations while making it easier for users to find and download apps.

Q. What security measures does iOS 17.5 implement for users?

A. iOS 17.5 enhances device security by introducing features like Bluetooth tracker compatibility. These allow users to track and secure their devices more effectively, especially when paired with another device.

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