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Apple Vision Pro Users Report Discomfort After Extended Use

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Apple’s highly anticipated mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, has come under scrutiny following reports of user discomfort. While initial reviews praised the device’s AR and VR capabilities, recent reports from different sources and other media outlets highlight user experiences with headaches, neck pain, and even black eyes.

Apple Vision Pro Users Report Discomfort After Extended Use

The Culprit Behind the Discomfort

The culprit seems to be the device’s fit and weight. At around 650 grams, akin to a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the Vision Pro is heavier than some iPads, causing strain on the neck, especially during extended use. Several users echoed this sentiment, sharing stories of neck and head pain after just an hour or two of using the device.

One user, Emily Olman, Chief Media Officer at Hopscotch Interactive, reported getting “super dark black eyes” due to pressure from the headset on her cheeks. This discomfort seems to be a design flaw, as a well-fitting headset shouldn’t cause such pressure.

Apple Addressing User Concerns and Expectations

User Concerns and Expectations

Another point of contention is the $3,500 price tag. Many users on social media platforms question the cost-benefit ratio, especially considering the reported discomfort.

Apple has yet to respond to these concerns, but the conversation is gaining momentum. The upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference might be a platform for Apple to address these user experiences and potentially announce upcoming software updates or ergonomic improvements.

While the Vision Pro boasts cutting-edge technology, user comfort shouldn’t be an afterthought. Apple must find a solution to these fit and weight issues if they want the Vision Pro to succeed in the long run.

Apple’s Advice

Apple does not provide official guidance on the optimal usage time for the Vision Pro to avoid discomfort. However, their existing Apple support site emphasizes proper fit and taking breaks every 20-30 minutes. Apple might release future updates with built-in reminders or software features to encourage breaks and manage eye strain. 

The upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference could be a platform for Apple to address these concerns and announce solutions.

Compared to other VR headsets:

User reports suggest that Vision Pro’s discomfort issues might be more pronounced. The Meta Quest 3, for example, weighs around 500 grams and boasts a focus on comfort with a breathable head strap and adjustable lenses.

However, user experiences can vary, and some Meta Quest 3 users still report similar discomfort, especially during extended sessions.

Aftermarket Accessories:

The market for VR headset accessories is proliferating. Third-party companies may develop head straps, padding, or counterweight attachments specifically designed to improve the fit and weight distribution of the Vision Pro. 

However, the official Apple store currently doesn’t offer such accessories, and their effectiveness remains to be seen.

Apple Vision Pro Users Report Discomfort After Extended Use - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The initial excitement is tested, and users report discomfort, meaning Apple Vision Pro has challenges. Whether through software updates, design tweaks, or user education, Apple must prioritize user comfort alongside the device’s impressive features. 

The future of mixed reality hinges on a seamless user experience. Apple has a crucial opportunity to address these concerns and ensure the Vision Pro lives up to its potential. With the right approach, the Vision Pro can become a true game-changer in the wearable tech space.


Q. What are some common complaints from Apple Vision Pro users?

A. Apple Vision Pro users have reported experiencing symptoms such as black eyes, headaches, and neck pain after using the device for extended periods.

Q. How is the experience of wearing the Apple Vision Pro described?

A. Users have described wearing the Apple Vision Pro as causing discomfort, eye strain, and neck pain.

Q. What recommendations has Apple provided for Vision Pro owners?

A. Apple recommends that Vision Pro owners take a break every 20 to 30 minutes while using the device to prevent eye strain, headaches, and neck pain.

Q. What factors could contribute to the neck pain experienced by Apple Vision Pro users?

A. The Vision Pro headset’s weight and prolonged wearing could cause neck pain among users.

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