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Apple’s iOS 18: The Biggest iPhone Software Update Ever 

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The year has just started, meaning exciting new software updates are on the horizon! People are saying the next iPhone update, iOS 18, might be HUGE, maybe even the biggest one ever! Of course, we hear that every year, but this time, folks are comparing it to a massive one that changed the iPhone way back when.

With several months remaining until Apple unveils iOS 18 at the June 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), glimpses of exciting updates are already emerging. In response to the rising interest in generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, Apple is poised to concentrate heavily on AI enhancements within iOS 18. Anticipated updates encompass various apps and features, focusing on large language models to fortify in-app functionalities.

Expected New Features

Apple's iOS 18: The Biggest iPhone Software Update Ever 

While specific details remain unavailable, Apple executives characterize iOS 18 as ambitious and compelling, suggesting it could become the most significant update in iPhone history.

Let us look into the expected features that are going to make history:

RCS Support: Texts that work with everyone

Right now, iPhone texts only work super well with other iPhones. We’d love it if they worked smoothly with Android phones, with better security and more features.

iOS 18 is expected to adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard, improving messaging between iPhone and Android users. RCS will bring features like higher resolution photos and videos, larger file sizes, audio messages, and enhanced group chat functionalities.

In the latter part of 2024, Apple intends to embrace the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard as a substitute for SMS/MMS. While iMessage will persist for iPhone-to-iPhone conversations, adopting RCS aims to enhance iPhone-to-Android interactions in various ways.

This shift is expected to eliminate errors when sending photos and videos from an iPhone to Android users, offering improved performance in group chats. Additionally, RCS integration will bring about several features, such as cross-platform emoji reactions, read receipts, and real-time typing indicators.

The anticipated benefits of RCS integration include:

  • Support for higher resolution photos and videos.
  • Support for larger file sizes and enhanced file-sharing capabilities.
  • Introduction of audio messages.
  • Cross-platform emoji reactions for more expressive communication.
  • Real-time typing indicators to provide insight into ongoing conversations.
  • Read receipts to indicate when messages have been viewed.
  • The ability to send messages over cellular or Wi-Fi eliminates the limitation of SMS to cellular networks. Sending RCS messages over Wi-Fi incurs no additional cost.
  • We have improved functionality and experience in group chats.

Smarter Siri: 

Smarter Siri

Siri has its shortcomings. We’d love it if it got much brighter, using fancy AI tech to help us automate things, do more with Shortcuts, and even be helpful in other apps.

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is set to undergo a significant transformation by incorporating large-language models. Rumors suggest improved natural conversation capabilities, enhanced user personalization, and deeper integration with the Shortcuts app for automating complex tasks.

AI Focus

AI Focus

As customary, iOS 18 will be accompanied by iPadOS 18, which is tailored to the larger displays of Apple’s tablets. Integrating generative AI features is a crucial aspect of Apple’s strategy to catch up with AI leaders like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and OpenAI. The company is investing heavily in AI research and the necessary hardware to support large language models.

AI is expected to play a pivotal role in iOS 18, enhancing built-in apps such as Apple Music, Pages, and Keynote. However, certain cutting-edge AI features may be exclusive to iPhone 16 models with more powerful chips. Apple is still deliberating whether to implement generative AI on-device or through the cloud, prioritizing security while exploring a potential hybrid approach.

While focusing on new features, Apple remains committed to ensuring the functionality of these additions. In November, the company paused work on new features to address bugs and ensure a smooth user experience. The complete realization of Apple’s generative AI vision may extend beyond iOS 18, requiring time for full-scale implementation.

Sideloading Support

Sideloading Support

Another potential change in iOS 18 is the introduction of sideloading in Europe, complying with regulations from the European Union. This would allow iPhone users in Europe to install apps from alternate sources outside the App Store while requiring developers to pay Apple fees.

For Developers

Apple is expected to incorporate generative AI capabilities into Xcode to enable developers to “expeditiously create new applications.”

Final Thoughts

The wait for iOS 18 is undeniably exciting. While the official release date remains a mystery, the mere prospect of Apple pushing the boundaries of mobile technology is enough to make any iPhone user eager for a glimpse into the future. So, stay tuned, keep those rumors and leaks on your radar, and prepare to be amazed when iOS 18 finally arrives. Who knows, it might redefine what using an iPhone means.


Q: What are the new features in iOS 18?

A: iOS 18  is expected to bring many new features, including updates to Apple Music and iMessage and new AI capabilities integrated into Siri. We must wait and see what Apple has in store for us. 

Q: When will iOS 18 be launched?

A: Apple will likely announce iOS 18 during the June keynote, which is expected to be released later in the year.

Q: How significant is the iOS 18 update?

A: iOS 18 is reported to be one of the most significant updates in Apple’s history, with plans to integrate large language models and new AI features across the operating system.

Q: What have been the comments about iOS 18 from industry experts?

A: According to industry expert Mark Gurman, iOS 18 is anticipated to introduce significant changes and improvements, making it a highly anticipated release among Apple users.

Q: Will iOS 18 include new enhancements for iMessage?

A: IOS 18 is expected to include updates and improvements to iMessage, providing a fresh user experience for Apple device users.

Q: What has been the speculation about the impact of iOS 18 on Apple’s devices?

A: It is anticipated that iOS 18 will bring next-generation enhancements to Apple’s devices, with improvements across multiple sections and features of the operating system.

Q: Where can I find a guide for the iOS 18 update?

A: Apple will likely provide a comprehensive guide for the iOS 18 update upon its launch, ensuring users can access all the information needed for a smooth transition to the new operating system.

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