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Apple’s Next-Generation Chip Set to Enter Production by 2025

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Apple’s quest for ever-more powerful and efficient chipsets takes a significant leap forward with the next generation, which is expected to enter production in late 2025. These chips, built using the cutting-edge 2nm manufacturing process, promise significant improvements over the current 3nm technology.

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Collaboration with TSMC:

This advancement is a collaborative effort between Apple and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s leading chipmaker. Apple has a history of being at the forefront of adopting new chip manufacturing technologies, and this partnership solidifies its position in the race.

The partnership between Apple and TSMC has played an important role in advancing these technologies, as demonstrated by their prior collaboration on the 3nm technology.

Moreover, TSMC is actively exploring different facilities for the prospective manufacture of even more sophisticated 1.4nm chips, anticipated to be operational by 2027.

This ambitious initiative underscores TSMC’s dedication to maintaining leadership in semiconductor technology, a path that Apple is deeply invested in.

Collaboration with TSMC

Performance and Efficiency Gains:

TSMC’s chip fabrication plants are scheduled to deploy machinery tailored for the production of 2nm chips, potentially starting as early as April. Apple adopted TSMC’s initial 3nm technology, integrating it into the A17 Pro chip for the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max. It’s anticipated that Apple will continue this trend by embracing TSMC’s 2nm chips.

Given the slated production commencement in 2025, it’s probable that Apple devices will soon feature these advanced 2nm chips. The shift to 3nm technology led to a 20% boost in GPU performance, a 10% improvement in CPU performance, and a twofold increase in the Neural Engine’s capabilities, with similar enhancements extended to Macs.

It is expected that Apple will be among the first beneficiaries of processors produced using TSMC’s upcoming 2nm process, which is set to commence mass production in late 2025. The 2nm manufacturing, known as “N2,” is anticipated to deliver a 25 to 30 percent reduction in power consumption at equivalent speeds or a 10 to 15 percent speed increase while maintaining the same power levels, compared to processors fabricated using TSMC’s 3nm technology.

To produce 2nm chips, TSMC is erecting two new facilities and awaiting approval for a third. This significant investment underscores TSMC’s commitment to the transition, necessitating Apple to adapt its chip designs accordingly. As TSMC’s principal customer, Apple receives access to the latest processors ahead of others. In 2023, Apple secured all of TSMC’s 3-nanometer semiconductors for integration into iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Performance and Efficiency Gains

Future Integration:

While production is slated for late 2025, the exact timeline for integrating these chips into Apple devices remains undisclosed. However, considering Apple’s history of swift adoption of new technologies, it’s likely that we’ll see them powering future iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple products soon after their production begins.

Looking Ahead: End Note

Apple’s foray into 2nm chip production marks a significant milestone for the company and the technological landscape. These chips promise a future of faster, more efficient devices, paving the way for exciting possibilities yet to be revealed. As we eagerly await their integration into Apple products, one thing remains certain: the journey towards even more powerful and user-centric technology continues at an ever-accelerating pace.


Q: When will Apple’s next-generation chipset enter production?

A: Apple’s next-generation chip is set to enter production by 2025.

Q: What technology does the next-generation chip use?

A: The next-generation chip will utilize the next-generation 2nm chip technology.

Q: What company is working on producing Apple’s next-generation chip?

A: Apple’s next-generation chip production closely aligns with TSMC’s equipment and technology.

Q: What will the next-generation chip enhance compared to the previous one?

A: The next-generation chip is expected to enhance transistor density and performance compared to the previous chip.

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