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Best Gaming Laptops of 2024: Budget-Friendly to High-End

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The world of gaming laptops is vast, with many options depending on your budget and needs. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a machine that can handle the latest esports titles or a hardcore enthusiast who needs the most potent hardware available, there’s a gaming laptop out there for you.

Best Gaming Laptops of 2024: Budget-Friendly to High-End

Gaming laptops are becoming more powerful with the latest processors and GPUs. Display options are improving, with high-resolution OLED and mini-LED panels being offered. Design is a focus, with some manufacturers targeting a more portable and subtle look.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Laptop

When choosing a gaming laptop, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend?
  • Performance: What kind of games do you want to play? At what settings and resolutions?
  • Portability: How important is portability to you?
  • Battery life: How long do you need your laptop to last on a battery charge?
  • Display: What kind of display do you want? A high-refresh-rate display is essential for competitive gaming, while a high-resolution display is essential for immersive gaming.
  • Keyboard: How vital is an excellent keyboard to you? Mechanical keyboards offer the best typing experience but are typically more expensive.
  • Other features: Some gaming laptops offer additional features such as Thunderbolt 4 ports, RGB lighting, and VR support.
Asus Rog Zephyrus G14

Best Gaming Laptops of 2024

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14:

The Zephyrus G14 remains a top pick among gaming laptops, seamlessly blending portability and performance for gaming and work. In its latest iteration, Asus has revamped the chassis with striking new features, including a captivating lid design, a slimmer profile, a sleek silver hue, and an expanded touchpad spanning the entire palm rest area.

Design and Portability:

  • The Zephyrus G14 boasts an elegant, compact redesign with a metal chassis. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for gamers on the go.
  • The white color adds to its clean and sleek appearance, and the slim build ensures it is fragile and light for a gaming machine.
  • The lid features an elaborate array of LED pinpoints called “AniMe Matr” x,” which can “display custom animations without using too many RGB elements.


  • The 2024 model of the Zephyrus G14 features a brilliant 1800p OLED panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The high resolution and smooth display make it a joy for gaming and multimedia consumption.
  • Additionally, it supports G-Sync, ensuring tear-free visuals during intense gaming sessions.


  • An AMD Ryzen 9 8945HS processor powers this laptop and delivers fast performance. The Ryzen 9 8000-series chip provides ample processing power for both gaming and productivity tasks.
  • The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 GPU ensures quick gaming prowess, making it a complete high-performance package.
  • The laptop’s performance and gaming speed are outstanding, making it a top choice for gamers.

Battery Life:

  • Despite its powerful components, the Zephyrus G14 maintains impressive battery life. It can last up to 11 hours and 52 minutes on a single charge, which is remarkable for a gaming laptop.

Connectivity and Ports:

  • The laptop offers many ports, including USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, and more. This versatility allows you to connect various peripherals and accessories.
  • Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth ensure seamless wireless connectivity.

Price and Configurations:

  • The base configuration starts at $1,599.99, but the tested model with upgraded specifications costs $1,999.99.
  • While the limited configurations might be a drawback, the premium details and powerful processing make it a worthy investment.

In summary, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2024) combines elegance, power, and portability, making it an excellent choice for gamers who want top-tier performance without sacrificing mobility. If you’re in touch with a super-portable gaming laptop, this one should be on your radar!

Hp Omen 14

HP Omen 14 Transcend

HP’s Omen has maintained a relatively low profile in the gaming laptop market in recent years. However, introducing the new Omen 14 Transcend significantly rejuvenates the brand, particularly with its innovative QD-OLED monitor. Initially touted as the “lightest 14-inch gaming laptop” at 3.6 pounds, it has since been surpassed by the ROG Zephyrus G14 at 3.4 pounds.

Nevertheless, the Omen 14 Transcend remains impressively thin and lightweight, presenting a promising option for gamers seeking portability without compromising performance.

Design and Build:

  • The HP Omen Transcend 14 stands out for its sturdy build and compact design. It’s a lightweight machine that offers portability without compromising on features.
  • It exudes a stylish vibe in Shadow Black and Ceramic White color schemes.


  • The laptop is powered by an Intel Core 7 or Core Ultra 9 CPU, providing ample processing power for gaming and productivity tasks.
  • It offers various NVIDIA discrete GPUs for graphics, ranging from an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 to an RTX 4070. These GPUs ensure smooth gaming experiences at 1080p or 1440p resolutions.
  • While it may not match the performance of some other 14-inch gaming laptops, it strikes a balance between performance and thermal management.


  • The 120Hz 2.8k OLED display delivers vibrant visuals and better responsiveness during gaming sessions.
  • However, it’s worth noting that its response time display’ ser, resulting in visible ghosting behind fast-moving objects.
  • Unfortunately, it lacks FreeSync and G-SYNC support, so screen tearing may be noticeable.

Keyboard and Backlighting:

  • The keyboard feels tactile, providing a satisfying typing experience.
  • You can customize the backlighting, choosing between a 4-zone or per-key RGB setup.
  • However, the light doesn’t shine through doesn’t-ends, making them hard to see in the dark.

Connectivity and Ports:

  • The port selection is excellent, including Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI 2.1 support.
  • You’ll find two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports (one with Thunderbolt 4), an HDMI 2.1 port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Additionally, it features Wi-Fi 7 wireless connectivity.

Battery Life and Noise Levels:

  • Although the laptop’s battery life is long-lasting, thermals are in check, ensuring it doesn’t get too hot and order load.
  • The user-replaceable SSD contributes to its overall convenience.

The HP OMEN Transcend 14 (2024) balances performance and portability. It’s worth considering if you’re looking for a stylish gaming laptop with solid features.

MSI Titan 18 HX

MSI Titan 18 HX 

MSI Titan gaming laptops have always been synonymous with boldness, offering immense size, high cost, and unparalleled performance. At CES this year, MSI unveiled an update to the Titan 18 HX, featuring a groundbreaking addition: an 18-inch 4K 120Hz mini-LED display.

This pioneering screen is the first of its kind, boasting an impressive brightness of 1,000 nits, promising exceptional HDR performance. While some gamers may prioritize a slightly lower resolution for a higher refresh rate, the Titan 18 HX undeniably pushes boundaries, especially considering the current unavailability of high refresh rate 18-inch OLED panels.

Specs and Performance:

  • The MSI Titan 18 HX is a wallet-crushing performer designed for those who spare no expense. It features top-end specifications:
    • Intel Core i9-14900HX CPU
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU
    • A whopping 128GB of RAM
    • A massive 4TB of storage

Mechanical Keyboard and Display:

  • The clicky mechanical keyboard adds an air of luxury. While not every key gets the mechanical treatment, typing and gaming on it feel great.
  • The laptop boasts a gorgeous mini-LED display that is vibrant and bright, enhancing your visual experience.

Design and Build:

  • The Titan 18 HX is a bulky, oversized, and heavy tank. It’s a 7.93-pound It’sop with desktop ambitions.
  • The magnesium-alloy chassis features an all-black lid with an RGB dragon (because, of course) and a textured gray protruding rear for fans and extra I/O.
  • Despite its size, MSI gives it a sleek appearance, fooling you into thinking it’s more portable.

RGB Touchpad and Ports:

  • There’s a massive touchpad, adding a touch of flair.
  • Ample ports ensure connectivity, including Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI 2.1 support.

Audio and Fans:

  • The speakers are tuned fine for games but not for music. Considering this laptop’s versatililaptop’s a minor drawbit’s
  • The loud fans might be a trade-off for the powerful components.

Price and Accessibility:

The MSI Titan 18 HX is a splurge, priced at $5,400. It’s not for everyone, but for those who can afford it, it’s a fascinating glimpse into what a high-end laptop can offer.

The MSI Titan 18 HX combines opulent specs, a mechanical keyboard, and a stunning display. While it’s out of reach to most people, it’s a testament to cutting-edge technology and luxury in gaming.

Alienware M17

Alienware m17 R2

The Alienware m17 R2 is a bold redesign that significantly departs from its predecessors. It notably discards the iconic thermal shelf at the back, reducing its footprint on the table and necessitating a complete overhaul of the internal architecture.

Dell claims improved airflow despite this redesign, promising better performance. Regarding aesthetics, Alienware aims for a more understated appearance with subdued vents and angular lines, even offering a dedicated “stealth mode” key to deactivate lights and fans swiftly.

While it may not match the minimalist design of models like the ROG G14 or Razer Blade, the m17 R2 represents a more restrained aesthetic for Alienware.

Design and Portability:

  • The Alienware m17 R2 is a potential show-stopper. Its sleek design combines elegance with functionality.
  • The laptop features a brilliant display with excellent viewing angles and relatively thin bezels, enhancing the overall visual experience.
  • Despite its powerful internals, the m17 R2 is relatively slim and portable, making it an excellent choice for gamers on the move.


  • The m17 R2 packs a punch in terms of performance. It offers various configuration options, allowing you to equip it as a gaming beast.
  • You can choose from Intel 14th Gen CPUs (such as the Core i9-14900HX) and NVIDIA 40-series GPUs (ranging from an RTX 4060 to an RTX 4090).
  • Whether playing your games at 1080p or 1440p, the m17 R2 delivers high, consistent frame rates, resulting in a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

Keyboard and Ports:

  • The keyboard design has been improved, making typing on it a dream. Alienware offers customizable keyboard switches—you can choose scissors or ultra-low-profile (clicky) CherryMX mechanical switches.
  • The abundance of ports ensures connectivity. You’ll find three You’llports, three USB-C ports (two with Thunderbolt 4 support), an HDMI 2.1 port, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, an SD card reader, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Display Options:

  • The m17 R2 retains the display options from its predecessor. You can choose between a 165Hz QHD+ panel and a 480Hz FHD+ panel.
  • Both panels support G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology, ensuring tear-free visuals during intense gaming sessions.

Battery Life and Webcam:

  • The laptop houses a 97Wh battery, providing decent battery life for a gaming machine.
  • The 1080p webcam allows for video calls and streaming.

The Alienware m17 R2 balances performance and portability. If you’re looking for a youthful gaming laptop with a sleek design, this one is worth considering for your gaming adventures.

Alienware M18

Alienware m18 R2

The laptop boasts a robust build, featuring ample aluminum throughout the frame, contributing to its slightly heavier weight. A standout feature is the Cherry MX low-profile mechanical keyboard, which excels in both typing and gaming experiences.

The $50 upcharge for this keyboard option is justified, and we wish more laptops offered it. Unlike the MSI Titan, Alienware ensures every key has a mechanical keyboard.

However, there are some minor drawbacks. While the display is serviceable, it lacks the brightness of OLED alternatives. Additionally, although gaming mice are typically preferred, the touchpad could benefit from improvement.

Nevertheless, with its solid construction, impressive performance, and upgradeability, the Alienware m17 R2 remains a standout choice in our assessment.

Specs and Performance:

  • The Alienware m18 R2 is a mid-range gaming laptop that replaces its predecessor, the Dell Alienware m18 (2023).
  • It features Intel 14th Gen CPUs (Raptor Lake refresh), with options up to a Core i9-14900HX and NVIDIA 40-series GPUs (ranging from an RTX 4060 to an RTX 4090)—the RTX 4090 runs at a max TGP (Total Graphics Power) of 175W.
  • Memory can be up to 64GB, and storage can max at 8TB (in RAID 0).

Display Options:

  • The m18 R2 retains the display options from its predecessor:

              165Hz QHD+ panel

              480Hz FHD+ panel

  • Both panels support G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology for tear-free visuals during intense gaming sessions.

Design and Build:

  • The m18 R2 is a desktop replacement—it’s big, powerful, it’s meant for on-the-go use.
  • The magnesium-alloy chassis features an all-black lid with an RGB dragon (because, of course) and a textured gray protruding rear for fans and extra I/O.
  • Despite its size, MSI gives it a sleek appearance, fooling you into thinking it’s more portable than it is.

Keyboard and Ports:

  • The keyboard switch is customizable; you can choose scissors or ultra-low-profile (clicky) CherryMX mechanical switches.
  • Ports include three USB-A, three USB-C (two with Thunderbolt 4 support), an HDMI 2.1, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, an SD card reader, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Battery Life and Webcam:

  • The laptop houses a 97Wh battery, providing decent battery life for a gaming machine.
  • It also features a 1080p webcam for video calls and streaming.

The Alienware m18 R2 combines opulent specs, a customizable keyboard, and a stunning display. While it’s not for everyone, it’s due to its size and weight; it’s a testament to cutting-edge technology and luxury in the gaming world.

Razer Blade 15

Razer Blade 15 

The newest iteration of the Razer Blade 15 continues to elevate one of the premier gaming laptops ever crafted, solidifying its position as the leading 15-inch gaming laptop on the market. Retaining its stunning CNC-milled aluminum chassis from previous models, the latest version accommodates.

Nvidia’s cutting-edge RTX 40-series GPUs alongside an Intel 13th Gen Core i9 CPU further enhance its powerhouse performance.

Design and Build:

  • The Razer Blade 15 maintains its signature design—a sleek, premium metal build that exudes elegance.
  • While the general design has remained unchanged over the years, it remains one of the most premium-feeling Windows laptops.
  • The best-in-class touchpad adds to the overall user experience.

Display Options:

  • The standout feature of the Razer Blade 15 (2024) is its 240Hz OLED display.
  • This screen heightens the gaming experience significantly, offering vibrant colors, deep blacks, and smooth motion.
  • However, this configuration is one of the most expensive in the lineup, at $3,300.


  • The laptop runs games well, thanks to its 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and, in some configurations, an NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti GPU.
  • While it excels in gaming, productivity performance could be better at this price point.

Price and Availability:

  • The Razer Blade 15 (2024) is a premium offering catering to fortunate gamers who seek top-tier performance.
  • It’s worth noting that the laptop is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but if you prioritize gaming and appreciate a stunning display, it’s a worthy investment.

The Razer Blade 15 (2024) combines aesthetics, performance, and a remarkable OLED display. If you want to splurge for an exceptional gaming experience, this laptop won’t disappoint!

Acer Nitro 16

Acer Nitro 16 

Acer’s Nitro series consistently earns a spot on gaming laptop lists for its blend of solid construction, impressive performance, and affordability. The Nitro 16, the successor to the previous Nitro 5, offers entry-level power with an RTX 4050 GPU and a Ryzen 5 7640HS CPU, all at an attractive price point.

Our $999 review unit came equipped with a 1920 x 1200, 165 Hz display featuring G-Sync support, ideal for esports gaming. With a brightness of 371 nits and coverage of 91% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, the display delivers excellent visuals for gaming enthusiasts.

Design and Build:

  • The Acer Nitro 16 is part of Acer’s Nitro series, and Acer’s sits below their premium Predator line.
  • The laptop’s shell is a laptop’s, which is expected at this price point. However, it’s well-made and doesn’t feel fragile. It doesn’t showcase flashy graphics and the Acer “N” logo, adding visual “l” interest. The lines are simple, and the pink and blue combination stands out.
  • While the Nitro logo is a new addition, its design might not immediately convey that it represents an “N.”


  • The Nit” o “6 boasts a bright 16-inch, 16:10 display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.
  • The screen’s 165 Hz refresh provides smooth visuals during gaming sessions.


  • Powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 7000 Series CPU and a full-wattage NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 GPU, the Nitro 16 delivers capable performance.
  • It handles applications well and provides fast 3D frame rates at 1080p.
  • Surprisingly, it also offers a long runtime, making it a practical choice for on-the-go gaming.

Creature Comforts:

  • The laptop includes a four-zone RGB keyboard, allowing customization for a personalized look.
  • It features a USB 4 Type-C port, ensuring versatile connectivity.
  • The fans operate quietly, and the battery life is commendable.


  • The speakers are somewhat hollow, affecting audio quality.
  • Like many laptops, it comes with preloaded bloatware, which can be a minor annoyance.

The Acer Nitro 16 offers excellent value for its price, making it a solid choice for budget-conscious gamers who want decent performance and a bright display.

MSI Katana 15

MSI Katana 15 

 The MSI Katana 15 is one of our top picks for gaming laptops within the $1,000 budget range. Our evaluation of the $999 model, featuring a Core i7-13620H processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050, revealed robust 1080p performance.

While some settings adjustments may be necessary for specific games, it delivers a compelling gaming experience at an affordable price.

Design and Build:

  • The MSI Katana 15 is constructed primarily of high-sheen plastic, which is typical for laptops in this price range.
  • While it may feel somewhat “cheap,” it aligns with expectations for its category.
  • The laptop features imprinted design elements, including MSI’s logo on the lid and pixel-style patterns along the chassis and display edges.
  • The most daring design choice is the four-zone RGB keyboard, which uses an off-beat font and additional pixel elements between the keys near the number pad. The transparent WASD and power keys reveal the scissor switches beneath.


  • The Katana 15 packs a punch for its price.
  • It comes equipped with:
  • An Intel Raptor Lake processor
  • An NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series discrete graphics card
  • 16GB of RAM
  • A generous 1TB SSD
  • These specs ensure smooth frame rates for gaming and demanding tasks.

Display and Speakers:

  • The display quality is a bit of a compromise. While it offers a 1080p resolution, some users find it washed out.
  • On the bright side, the laptop features good speakers, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Battery Life:

Unfortunately, the Katana 15’s battery life is shorter, which might be a drawback for users who need extended unplugged usage.


  • Overall, the MSI Katana 15 delivers class-leading gaming and productivity performance within its budget-friendly price range.
  • If you’re willing to overlook the short battery life and display limitations, it’s an excellent choice for gamers on a budget.

The MSI Katana 15 balances affordability and performance, making it a worthwhile entry in the best gaming laptops under the $1,000 category! 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The world of PC gaming laptops offers something for everyone, from budget-conscious enthusiasts to die-hard gamers seeking the ultimate performance. Whether you prioritize portability, raw power, or a balance of both, there’s a perfect machine out there waiting to be unleashed. Remember, the best gaming laptop is the one that fits your needs and budget.

With the knowledge you’ve gained here, you’re well on your way to choosing the ideal companion for your next gaming adventure. So, dive deep into the reviews, compare specs, and get ready to conquer those virtual battlegrounds!


Q. What are the key features when looking for gaming laptops in 2024?

A. When searching for gaming laptops in 2024, you must focus on factors like gaming performance, battery life, budget, GPU, CPU, refresh rate, build quality, and elements such as keyboard quality, display technology like OLED, and the gaming experience you prefer.

Q. Which are the top picks for the best budget-friendly gaming laptops of 2024?

A. Some of the best budget gaming laptops 2024 include MSI, ASUS ROG, Razer, and Alienware models. These laptops offer good gaming performance at competitive prices while still featuring decent GPU and CPU configurations.

Q. What are the latest GPU technologies used in high-end gaming laptops of 2024?

A. In 2024, high-end gaming laptops will feature cutting-edge NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, RTX 4050, and RTX 4090 GPUs, as well as advanced AMD Radeon GPUs, providing exceptional graphics capabilities for immersive gaming experiences.

Q. Which gaming laptops have excellent build quality and offer outstanding gaming performance in 2024?

A. Gaming laptops such as the Razer line, MSI models, and ASUS ROG series are known for their superior build quality, high-end GPU and CPU combinations, and impressive refresh rate, making them popular choices for every gaming enthusiast.

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