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Clicks for iPhone Sets the Standard for Keyboard Accessories

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Between Smartphones and iPads, we did not even realize when we stopped using a physical keyboard. We missed it but did not feel the need to have one. But now we have Clicks, which is trying to bring back that physical keyboard for iPhone. 

What is Clicks for iPhone?

What is Clicks for iPhone?

Create without limits” is the motto of Clicks, a new creator keyboard designed for iPhone users. It aims to enhance the user experience by freeing up screen space, providing shortcuts for efficient control, and offering a tactile typing experience.

The keyboard is highlighted for its ability to maximize screen space for content creation, precision typing capabilities, and integration of iOS shortcuts for enhanced productivity. They’re lightweight accessories that can be easily attached or detached from the iPhone, allowing users to use them as needed.

With Clicks, users can gain up to 50% more display space, allowing for immersive experiences such as browsing and live streaming. The keyboard features real keys that offer a natural typing feel, enabling users to tackle various tasks directly from their iPhones.

Additionally, it incorporates dedicated keys for shortcuts, providing users with “superpowers” to navigate through tasks quickly. The product’s design includes a unibody construction for a snug fit with the iPhone, precision-tuned buttons for optimal typing performance, a familiar layout with additional keys for voice input and commands, and backlighting for typing in low-light conditions.

The keyboard also supports passthrough and wireless charging, ensuring compatibility with different iPhone models. The product is praised for its ability to combine the tactile typing experience with the iPhone’s functionalities, making it an ideal accessory for iPhone users. 

Pricing and Availability

Available at Clicks, the Creator Keyboard is priced at $139 for standard iPhones and $159 for larger models. Shipping commences on February 1 for the iPhone 14 Pro, while versions compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will be available mid-March.

Exclusive Founders Edition and Future Plans

Early adopters stand to receive the Clicks Founders Edition case, granting them VIP support and early access to forthcoming color variants. It also hints at upcoming finishes scheduled for release gradually.

Design and Functionality

Design and Functionality Clicks for iPhone

The Clicks keyboard got the attention, partly due to its design. The primary color option, BumbleBee, is a vibrant yellow that contrasts effectively with the black keyboard. For those preferring a more understated appearance, there’s the option of London Sky. The case is crafted from silicone, facilitating easy insertion of the iPhone and providing a good grip.

Inserting your iPhone involves pulling down the top section of the case and sliding the device toward the USB-C/ Lightning port, depending on the model. This establishes a connection between the keyboard and the iPhone, eliminating the need for Bluetooth or a separate battery as it relies solely on the iPhone’s power.

Undeniably, this iPhone case adds considerable height to the device, resulting in a sensation akin to holding a TV remote.

The case features protectors for the volume and side buttons, a cutout for the Action button and mute switch, and a passthrough charging port, eliminating the need to remove the case for recharging. 

Typing Experience

Typing Experience Of iPhone

The most important part of the keyboard is the keys. Focusing on the keyboard’s functionality ensures a satisfying typing experience through meticulously designed clicky keys. While requiring some adjustment for users accustomed to virtual keyboards, the company anticipates swift adaptation and enhanced productivity over time.

Navigation and Productivity of iPhone

Beyond typing, the keyboard has functionalities such as CMD key shortcuts and scrolling capabilities, enhancing navigation across iOS and third-party applications. Furthermore, an upcoming app promises to introduce further enhancements, although currently in developmental stages.

Screen Space and Workflow

Screen Space and Workflow of iPhone

The Clicks Creator Keyboard optimizes screen space by eliminating the virtual keyboard display, facilitating seamless multitasking and content creation. Particularly advantageous for content creators accustomed to physical keyboards, the case streamlines workflows and simplifies typing tasks.

End Note

Ideal for individuals looking for the tactile experience of physical keyboards, the Clicks Creator Keyboard offers a good solution. Whether seeking an old BlackBerry-style typing experience or aiming to increase productivity and workflow efficiency, this innovative phone case presents a promising option for iPhone users.


Q: What is Clicks for iPhone?

A: Clicks for iPhone is a keyboard accessory that sets the standard for adding a physical keyboard to your iPhone.

Q: How does Clicks for iPhone compare to previous attempts at this concept?

A: This keyboard for iPhone surpasses previous attempts at adding a keyboard to the iPhone with its innovative design and functionality.

Q: What are some of the keyboard shortcuts available with Clicks for iPhone?

A: Clicks for iPhone offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts to enhance your typing experience and productivity.

Q: How can I benefit from using Clicks for iPhone?

A: By using it for iPhone, you can enjoy the benefits of a physical keyboard, including increased comfort, speed, and muscle memory.

Q: How does Clicks for iPhone enhance the typing experience on the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

A: For the iPhone, it provides a tactile typing experience with keyboard shortcuts that make typing on the iPhone 15 Pro Max a breeze.

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