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Expectations for the M4 MacBook Pro: Everything We Know So Far

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Apple’s relentless pursuit of performance continues with the rumored M4 chip, and the MacBook Pro is expected to be at the forefront of this upgrade. Here’s a glimpse into everything  we know so far at iFixScreens about the M4 MacBook Pro:

Expectations for the M4 MacBook Pro: Everything We Know So Far

Launch Date:

According to sources, Apple is targeting the release of its first MacBook M4 by the end of 2024. Anticipated offerings include a low-end 14-inch MacBook Pro, with the possibility of high-end 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, all featuring M4 chips. This aligns with Apple’s tendency to hold release events in October, akin to launching the M3 MacBook Pro during the “Scary Fast” Apple event in 2023.

The remainder of the M4 MacBook lineup is expected to debut in 2025, with sources anticipating the introduction of 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air M4s by spring.

Additionally, Apple is likely to introduce M4-powered desktops, including a new iMac M4 and Mac mini M4 in 2024, followed potentially by an M4-driven Mac Studio and Mac Pro in 2025.

Price Speculations

Price Speculations

While the upgraded M4 models may have a higher price tag than their current counterparts, it’s unlikely that Apple would significantly increase the prices of the MacBook M4s unless accompanied by substantial improvements.

To estimate the starting prices for M4 MacBooks, let’s consider the current pricing of M3 Macs. The M3 MacBook Air 13 and 15-inch models currently start at $1,099 and $1,299, respectively. It’s unlikely that Apple will price the M4 version of its most affordable laptop much higher than these figures.

For reference, the base M3 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,599, while the more powerful 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro begins at $1,999. Additionally, the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,499. If Apple were to adjust prices for the M4 versions, it’s improbable that it would exceed past increases, typically ranging from $100 to $200.

M4 Chip and Performance

M4 Chip and Performance:

While details are scarce, the M4 chip is expected to be built on a 3nm process, surpassing the current M3’s 5nm architecture. This signifies a significant leap in performance and power efficiency. Apple might follow the M3’s strategy, offering M4, M4 Pro, and M4 Max variants for the MacBook Pro lineup.

Features and Design:

No rumors suggest a design overhaul for the MacBook Pro, and it’s not yet time for one. The last design update occurred in 2021 with the transition to Apple silicon. Looking back, Apple redesigned the MacBook in 2012, 2016, and 2021. Following this pattern, we can expect the next design revision around 2025 or 2026.

This year’s update to the M-series is expected to focus mainly on internal improvements for the MacBook Pro.

No groundbreaking design changes are expected for the M4 MacBook Pro. Apple might focus on internal upgrades like improved battery life, faster memory (possibly DDR5), and a potential upgrade to the current M3 Pro’s 14-core GPU. We’ll have to wait for official news or leaks to confirm specific features.

News and Speculation

News and Speculation:

Watch for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), typically held in June. This is where Apple reveals its upcoming software and hardware plans, and the M4 MacBook Pro might be a highlight. Rumors and leaks from reliable sources can also offer valuable insights in the coming months.

Final Thoughts

The M4 MacBook Pro signifies Apple’s commitment to pushing laptop performance boundaries. With a powerful new chip and potential feature upgrades, it’s becoming a compelling option for professionals and power users. Stay tuned for more news as we reach the rumored release date.

Final Thoughts


Q. What can we expect from the upcoming M4 MacBook Pro?

A. The upcoming MacBook Pro M4 is anticipated to offer significant upgrades compared to its predecessor. It may feature the latest M4 chip and enhanced performance. Based on everything we know, it is speculated to provide improved features and design.

Q. Is there any information on the expected screen sizes for the M4 MacBook Pro?

A. Rumors suggest that the M4 MacBook Pro lineup may include 14-inch and 16-inch models. These variants could accommodate user preferences and requirements.

Q. When is the expected release date for the M4 MacBook Pro?

A. The exact release date is not confirmed, but speculations point towards a possible launch by the end of 2024. 

Q. What are the anticipated prices for the M4 MacBook Pro models?

A. There are speculations around the price but there is no announcement from Apple yet.

Q. Can we expect any design changes in the M4 MacBook Pro?

A. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there are speculations about potential design upgrades for the upcoming models. Apple might introduce a refreshed look for the laptop lineup to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

Q. What upgrades in features and performance are expected in the M4 MacBook Pro?

A. The M4 MacBook Pro models are anticipated to offer improved performance with possibly enhanced core specifications, better AI integration, and advanced spec upgrades. These enhancements could elevate the user experience.

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