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Google Chromecast is getting a massive upgrade – here’s what’s New

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Since its initial release, Google Chromecast has been a popular streaming device, allowing users to stream their favorite content easily from their smartphones or computers to their TVs. In 2024, Google announced many exciting improvements to its Chromecast lineup at CES 2024. These enhancements include official TikTok casting support, expanded compatibility with various devices, and new features like Fast Pair and audio casting.

This article will review the details of the CES 2024 updates and their implications for all Chromecast users.

Google Chromecast Is Getting A Massive Upgrade

TikTok takes Center Stage on Big Screens

  • Official TikTok Casting Support for Chromecast:
    • Users can enjoy short-form TikTok videos on their TV screens.
    • Eliminates the need to constantly look down at phones for a more immersive viewing experience.
    • Simplifies the sharing of entertaining content with friends and family.
  • Live TikTok Video Casting Plans for Chromecast:
    • Google plans to introduce support for live TikTok video casting.
    • Specific details are undisclosed, hinting at the potential for real-time TikTok content on larger screens.
    • Exciting for TikTok enthusiasts looking for a communal setting for live video engagement.
  • Fast Pair for Bluetooth Connectivity:
    • Fast Pair feature is coming to Chromecast on Google TV.
    • Enhances Bluetooth connectivity with headphones and earbuds.
    • It is set to be available on more Google TV devices throughout 2024.
    • Users must ensure Bluetooth Low Energy and Android location services compatibility with paired headphones or earbuds.
  • Music Streaming Capability:
    • Google introduces a new capability for music streaming.
    • Allows users to transmit Spotify or YouTube Music from Pixel phones to a connected Google Pixel Tablet.
    • It simplifies the transition from on-the-go listening to enjoying music on a larger screen at home.
    • Seamless transfer of content between devices enhances overall user experience and streamlines interaction with favorite music streaming platforms.

Chromecast Widens Its Influence

Google is broadening the scope of Chromecast by integrating it into selected 2024 TV models. LG’s upcoming lineup will have built-in Chromecast support, including the LG C4 OLED. This integration allows users to enjoy the advantages of Chromecast without the need for an additional device. Chromecast support will also be featured in the Hisense 2024 TV lineup, specifically on the ULED and ULED X series displays and on TCL’s Q Series and QM7 TVs.

Moreover, Google has disclosed that Chromecast support will be expanded to LG’s Hospitality and Healthcare platform later this year. This advancement enables users staying in hotels or hospitals to effortlessly cast content from their phones to compatible LG TVs, eliminating the inconvenience of signing in to multiple streaming accounts. Chromecast’s user-friendly and adaptable nature makes it a valuable addition to these environments, enriching the entertainment choices available to guests and patients.

Google’s dedication to broadening the Chromecast ecosystem is evident in the widespread adoption of its TV operating systems. With over 220 million devices currently running Google TV and older Android TV software suites, users have access to a diverse array of native apps and the capability to cast both audio and video content. This widespread usage underscores the success of Chromecast and the company’s TV OS software, positioning it as the preferred choice for many users seeking seamless streaming experiences.

Matter Integration and Prospects Ahead

The expanding smart home platform, Matter, is poised to receive support on Google TV, Android OS devices, and LG TVs through Google Home. This integration streamlines adding Matter devices to a home network and managing them using the Google Home app.

Although Google has not specified a timeline for the rollout, this advancement sets the stage for improved smart home experiences and heightened device compatibility.

Interestingly, Amazon recently declared its decision not to support Chromecast or AirPlay on its Fire TVs, choosing instead to embrace Matter Casting. Considering that Google and Apple already have their casting features, it seems improbable that they will adopt Matter casting support.

Nevertheless, the growing smart home market and the emergence of Matter suggest the potential for more seamless integration and increased interconnectedness among devices in the future.

Exciting Upgrades for Google’s 2024 Chromecast: Wrapping it Up

The latest enhancements to Google’s Chromecast in 2024 bring many exciting features and expanded compatibility to this popular streaming device. Introducing official TikTok casting support lets users elevate their viewing experience by enjoying their favorite short-form videos on larger screens. Fast Pair and enhanced audio casting capabilities contribute to the convenience and connectivity of Chromecast. Furthermore, integrating Chromecast into new TVs, such as those in LG’s lineup, and its expansion into the hospitality and healthcare sectors extend the device’s reach and appeal.

Google’s dedication to innovation is exemplified by its endorsement of Matter integration, promising a more streamlined and interconnected smart home experience. As Chromecast continues to evolve in response to the dynamic landscape of streaming and connected devices, users can anticipate additional features and improvements in the future. With its expansive ecosystem and comprehensive app support, Chromecast remains a top choice for users seeking a seamless, immersive streaming experience.


Q: What significant upgrades were announced for Google Chromecast at CES 2024?

A: At CES 2024, Google Chromecast unveiled massive upgrades, including better integration with smart home gadgets, new features for getting daily insight, inspiration, and deals, and improved compatibility with 2024 TVs and other tech devices

Q: What is the significance of the new Chromecast features for getting daily insight, inspiration, and deals?

A: The new features cater to users looking for a more personalized and interactive experience, allowing them to stay informed and inspired daily.

Q: How will the upgrades announced at CES 2024 benefit users of the Google Chromecast?

A: The upgrades will enhance the Chromecast experience, offering users an even more seamless and enjoyable way to access the best tech and entertainment.

Q: What can I expect from Google Chromecast in 2024 regarding smart home integration?

A: Google Chromecast promises improved integration with smart home gadgets, making controlling and accessing various devices from one platform easier.

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