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Meta and Microsoft Join Forces to Develop Limited Edition Xbox-Inspired VR Headset

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The Meta Quest: A Journey Beyond RealityMeta, known for its innovative virtual reality headsets, has been at the forefront of VR technology for over a decade. Their Meta Quest series has garnered a loyal following, offering standalone VR experiences that transport users to captivating digital worlds. With the introduction of Meta Horizon OS, Meta aims to expand its reach beyond its own hardware.

Meta and Microsoft Join Forces to Develop Limited Edition Xbox-Inspired VR Headset

Meta Horizon OS: Opening New Horizons

Meta Horizon OS is the operating system that powers Meta’s popular Quest headsets. It combines augmented reality (AR) and VR capabilities, providing users with a seamless and immersive experience. And here’s the exciting part: Meta has made this powerful OS available to other manufacturers. Microsoft, ASUS, and Lenovo are among the first companies confirmed to develop headsets running Meta Horizon OS. 

In an exciting collaboration, tech giants Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and Microsoft have announced their partnership to create a limited-edition Meta Quest VR headset inspired by the iconic Xbox brand. This groundbreaking venture promises to bring immersive gaming experiences to a whole new level, merging the realms of virtual reality (VR) and gaming.

Limited-Edition Xbox VR Headset on the Horizon

Limited-Edition Xbox VR Headset on the Horizon

A new partnership between Meta and Microsoft confirms a new “limited-edition” VR headset is coming for Xbox gamers. This collaboration will see Meta and Microsoft work together to create a limited-edition Meta Quest device inspired by Xbox, giving gamers their own Xbox VR headset.

Microsoft's Move into VR

Microsoft’s Move into VR

Microsoft has yet to fully embrace virtual reality, with competitors like Sony leading the way. Fans have long desired VR tools and devices usable on Xbox, and this new partnership with Meta might finally fulfill those wishes.

Meta Quest Gets an Xbox Makeover

Meta revealed a new Meta Quest device “inspired by Xbox” is in the works. This isn’t the only outcome of the initiative; Meta announced that ASUS and Lenovo are among the first manufacturers to produce devices for its new Meta Horizon OS, an extension of the augmented reality technology already used by Meta for Meta Quest.

Xbox Games on the Big VR Screen

Xbox Games on the Big VR Screen

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg announced on Instagram that the new headset would include an Xbox controller and Xbox Game Pass. This partnership signifies a turning point for Microsoft, finally integrating VR technology into its devices and systems. While playing games on a large virtual screen has been a key selling point for Meta Quest, this new “limited-edition” headset is expected to offer even more functionality for Xbox gamers.

Details Scarce, Excitement High

Specific details on this new project are limited, but Meta and Microsoft are eager to bring this product to consumers. This collaboration builds on their previous partnership that brought Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) to Meta Quest.

A Look Back at VR Efforts

A Look Back at VR Efforts

Meta Quest launched in 2019, with improved versions released over the years. Microsoft also dabbled in augmented and virtual reality with the Kinect for Xbox in 2010. While the Kinect offered motion-sensing capabilities, it differed from the Wii by not requiring any controllers, focusing solely on body and hand movements.

Final Thoughts

The future of VR gaming is getting exciting! With Meta partnering with Xbox, a first-of-its-kind ‘limited edition’ of Meta’s VR headset inspired by Xbox is coming soon. This collaboration opens doors for Xbox gamers to take their gaming experience to the VR realm finally. 

 While specifics are still under wraps, Meta and Microsoft are enthusiastic about bringing this innovative product to market. This partnership signifies a significant step for VR technology, with established players like Meta and Microsoft working together to push the boundaries of the gaming experience.


Q. What is the limited edition Xbox-inspired VR headset developed by Meta and Microsoft?

A. The limited edition Xbox-Inspired VR headset developed bMeta and Microsoft is a particular version of the Meta Quest headset. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to create a cutting-edge virtual reality experience inspired by Xbox.

Q. Will this headset include an Xbox controller?

A. The limited edition Meta and Microsoft VR headset will have an Xbox controller for seamless integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming and other Xbox-related content.

Q. When can we expect the release of this limited edition Meta Quest headset?

A. The limited edition Meta Quest headset is on the way and is expected to be announced soon by Meta partnering with Xbox.

Q. How is this partnership between Meta and Microsoft significant for the future of VR technology?

A. Meta’s partnership with Microsoft signifies a collaboration between two tech giants to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to a virtual reality environment, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in mixed reality experiences.

Q. What role do companies like Asus and Lenovo play in developing this VR headset?

A. Asus and Lenovo may participate in the production of the VR headset. They are known for their expertise in creating high-quality tech products that work seamlessly with Windows systems.

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