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Nintendo Switch 2: Everything We Know So Far

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The next iteration of Nintendo’s wildly successful console, the Switch 2, is covered in rumors and speculation. While Nintendo remains tight-lipped, leaks and industry whispers paint a picture of a more powerful handheld-console hybrid. Here’s a breakdown of Everything we know so far about the Switch 2:

Nintendo Switch 2: Everything We Know So Far

Release Date and Price:

Initial rumors pointed to a late 2024 launch, but recent leaks suggest a possible delay to March 2025. 

The most recent update confirms widespread speculation regarding the delayed launch of the Switch 2. Initially slated for 2024, the release has been pushed to Q1 2025. The initial rumor indicated that Nintendo rescheduled the console’s launch to ensure a strong lineup, with ongoing rumors suggesting a new 3D Mario game might accompany the release. 

According to some sources, one of the main reasons for the delayed arrival of the Switch 2  could be Nintendo’s desire to manage the launch’s demand effectively, aiming to avoid supply shortages similar to those experienced with the PS5. 

The current cost of the Nintendo Switch OLED is £309.99 / $349.99. However, speculation indicates that the price of the Nintendo Switch 2 might hover around $400, translating to approximately £350 at retail. There are also suggestions that the MSRP for the Nintendo Switch 2 could reach as high as $499.

Nintendo Switch 2: Specifications and Hardware

Nintendo will likely continue using a system-on-a-chip from Nvidia for the Nintendo Switch 2, which is probably an updated version of the Tegra X1 chip found in the current Switch. Considering the Switch’s success, Nintendo might collaborate with Nvidia to create a custom chipset.

Although AMD’s advancements, showcased in products like the Valve Stream Deck and Asus ROG Ally, hint at a potential alternative for the next-generation Switch.

Predicting exact power or clock speeds is challenging. However, recent leaks regarding the Switch 2’s specifications hint at a console that may not be as powerful as anticipated.

The Nintendo Switch 2 will include an eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor, ten streaming multiprocessors (SMs), 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of onboard storage. While this represents an improvement over the current Switch models, it might not match the performance levels of consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

There were discussions about a potential co-processor chip for the Switch 2 or the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, designed to enhance power and video output when connected to a 4K TV. However, recent rumors on this topic have quieted down.

The speculated increase in onboard storage to 512GB would be a significant upgrade compared to the original Switch and Switch OLED, which have 32GB and 64GB of storage, respectively.

Nintendo Switch 2: Specifications and Hardware

Nintendo Switch 2: Features and Display

While specific details about the Nintendo Switch 2 are scarce, we can make informed guesses about potential features.

We hope to see improvements such as enhanced Joy-Cons to address issues like stick drifting and introduce analog triggers for better precision, especially in racing games. If Nintendo maintains the Switch’s core design for Switch 2, ergonomic tweaks would also be welcome.

Additionally, a longer battery life is desired to prolong gaming sessions, especially for demanding games like Breath of the Wild. A larger battery would enhance portability, particularly for long flights.

Another essential aspect would be improved Wi-Fi connectivity. While often overlooked, better Wi-Fi performance can significantly impact game streaming and download speeds, making it a valuable upgrade for the Switch 2.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to feature an OLED panel similar to the Switch OLED, but there are hopes for an enhanced refresh rate, possibly reaching 120Hz compared to the current 60Hz standard. Despite lacking supporting rumors, enthusiasts are optimistic about this upgrade.

However, Sharp, the manufacturer of the current Switch displays, is reportedly developing a new LCD panel for a “new gaming console,” potentially the Switch 2. This development raises concerns that the Switch 2 might adopt older screen technology than the OLED displays in the Switch OLED model. While there’s a possibility that Sharp’s statement refers to a different console, recent rumors suggesting an LCD for the Switch 2 have added weight to these concerns.

Nintendo Switch 2: Features and Display

Games and Backwards Compatibility:

The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to launch with a new Mario game developed using the Unreal 4 engine, adding credibility to earlier leaks about a 3D Mario title. Additionally, reports suggest a new Mario Kart game called Mario Kart X will be released in the second year of the console’s lifecycle. It is expected to be Nintendo’s most expensive game yet.

Furthermore, there are indications that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will showcase the Switch 2’s power, resembling a PS5 game on the new console, which the current Switch couldn’t handle. Leaks also suggested that the Bayonetta Trilogy be heading to Switch 2, which features upgraded visuals and HDR features for a stylish gaming experience.

Recent reports mention that select developers saw the Switch 2 at Gamescom 2023, where Nintendo showcased a new version of Breath of the Wild to demonstrate the console’s capabilities. While future releases like a new Zelda game and a revamped Mario Kart are expected, other potential games remain speculative.

One highly anticipated feature for the Nintendo Switch 2 is backward compatibility, mirroring the demand on rival consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The hope is that playing older Switch games on the new hardware will improve performance and enhance visuals.

However, a recent rumor suggests that Switch 2 might not support backward compatibility with older Switch games, which could be disappointing for fans expecting this feature. This scenario would pressure Nintendo to deliver a strong launch lineup for the next-generation Switch without relying on its established game library.

Additionally, there’s a desire for backwards compatibility to extend to Switch Joy-Cons and other accessories like Ring Fit Adventure and external controllers, as their compatibility with the Switch 2 would be crucial for user convenience and satisfaction.

Games and Backwards Compatibility

Final thoughts

Leaks are not guaranteed, and Nintendo is not giving much away. Waiting for Nintendo’s official announcements to confirm these rumors is essential. The Switch carved its niche by focusing on unique experiences, so don’t expect a pure next-gen powerhouse trying to compete with the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series.

With the information available today, the Nintendo Switch 2 appears to be an iterative upgrade focusing on improved performance and display. While the wait might extend into next year, Nintendo fans will likely be eager to get their hands on this next-generation handheld console.


Q. What is the latest update on the Nintendo Switch 2 console?

A. The Nintendo Switch 2 is the highly anticipated successor to the original Switch console. Although the release date has not been officially confirmed, several rumors and speculations surround its potential launch.

Q. When could we expect the release of the Nintendo Switch 2?

A. Reports suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be released in early 2025, but these are all just rumors. There have been claims of a possible delay in the new console’s launch.

Q. What are some of the rumored features of the Nintendo Switch 2?

A. Everything we know about the Switch 2 is based on speculation, but there have been rumors about improved hardware specifications, enhanced graphics, and a more extensive game library. Some reports suggest that the Switch 2 may have a 3D screen or other innovative features.

Q. Has any official confirmation about the Nintendo Switch 2’s specifications been confirmed?

A. Nintendo’s speculation regarding the Switch 2 spec remains unconfirmed. There have been leaks and rumors regarding the console’s hardware, but nothing has been officially revealed.

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