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Notable New Features of macOS Sonoma 

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The macOS Sonoma is the latest version of the macOS. The OS is free software which is open to all Mac owners. The OS comes with a rich new set of functions. Apple says the OS will improve the computers for work and play. The key features are the desktop widgets, stunning new screen savers, essential changes to Safari, improved video conferencing, features built for gamers, and more customization.

macOS Sonoma brings an array of exciting features to enhance your Mac experience. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the top updates and the complete list of new features that make this operating system a game-changer for users. Discover how macOS Sonoma improves your daily workflow from a revamped desktop to widgets galore.

Macos Sonoma 2

Widgets Galore:

Apple has always been on the quest to provide its users with expanded personalization options in all operating systems. With macOS Sonoma, you can enjoy a wealth of widgets that provide information at a glance, helping you stay organized and informed. These widgets allow users to interact with several apps in small desktop windows. It will help the users to perform tasks. They will be able to control their media directly with the help of widgets and will also be able to bring widgets to Mac straight from the iPhone. Add these widgets to your desktop from the widget gallery, and you will be able to play music, turn off the lights, etc, just with the help of the widgets.


The OS also has a selection of new screen savers, which feature slow-motion videos of beautiful places worldwide. For example, the sandstone buttes of Monument Valley in Arizona, the rolling hills of California, the Skyline of Hong Kong, etc. Once the user logs in, the screen saver will smoothly transition to the desktop wallpaper.

Widgets And Screensavers

Enhanced Features of Safari:

The Safari browser received a significant update, where profiles can keep browsing different topics, and users can easily switch between them. There is an added protection to Private Browsing. It uses some of the most advanced methods to track users. The Private Browsing window in this OS will be locked if not in use, and the unknown trackers will be blocked. The macOS Sonoma will enable Safari users to add any website to the dock and get an app-like experience with a simple toolbar and notifications.

An improved Gaming Experience:

The OS has the power of Apple SIlicon, which will let several Macs run very demanding games with excellent performance, more battery life, and striking visuals. The OS has improved the gaming experience with Game Mode and provides continuous frame rates, dramatically reducing input and output latency with AirPods and wireless game controllers. Game Mode works with several and all the recent Mac games.

Security and Privacy:

Communication Safety

Communication Safety has protections for sensitive videos and photos. It goes beyond Messages to include content sent and received in the systemwide photo picker and third‑party apps.

Sensitive Content Warning

Mac users now have the option to blur sensitive photos and videos before they choose to view them. This feature will be available in third-party apps and Messages.

Lockdown Mode

The expanded Lockdown Mode increases security to protect against sophisticated cyber attacks. Please turn it on across all your Apple devices, including the Apple Watch.

Security And Privacy

Some Additional macOS Sonoma features:


With the new OS, you can share a set of passwords within a group. Everyone in the group can edit and add passwords to keep them updated. The sharing is done through the iCloud keychain, so the password is end-to-end encrypted. With this, the users will also receive the one-time verification in the mail, which will autofill in Safari. This will make it easier to log in securely by not leaving the browser.


Mac users can also view PDFs and scans of assignments, research papers, presentations, and more inside the notes. Users can also create links from one note to another to relate content and ideas. 


You can streamline weekly market or grocery store trips with these intelligent reminders. This new feature will organize the full lists into sections and can arrange them horizontally with a new column view.


Swipe reply and search filters have improved the everyday messaging experience. Live stickers can be created and synced throughout macOS, iPadOS, and iOS.


There is an autocorrect feature update with a transformer language model in the released macOS. This is a state-of-the-art on-device learning language that helps in improving accuracy. The new design makes it easier to do corrections, and the inline predictions help quickly finish the sentences. Mac users also get the dictation feature, which is next-level speech recognition. This provides the ability to move freely between typing and Voice. 

Screen Sharing:

The macOS Sonoma also has a high-performance mode in the screen-sharing app. This app has excellent responsive remote access over connections with high bandwidth. This will help the professionals to complete their work remotely.


People with speech loss can create a voice that sounds just like them with their Voice. And then this can be used with live speech to communicate in conversations and FaceTime calls. Now, users with hearing disabilities can have conversations and take calls more efficiently.

Visual Look-Up

Now, finding dish recipes with a photo will be easier. Mac users can also look up information on any object appearing in a paused video.

Enjoyable Experience for the Mac Users

macOS Sonoma is a revolutionary OS that offers many new features and enhancements, catering to work and personal needs. With an improved screen-sharing app, stunning desktop widgets, and an array of customization options, this update takes Mac users to the next level. Don’t miss out on the incredible and fun changes macOS Sonoma brings to your Mac experience!


Q: What are the new features of macOS Sonoma?

A: macOS Sonoma introduces several new features such as desktop wallpapers, web app browsing, system settings, screen sharing, extensions, menu bar customization, and many more.

Q: How can I customize the system settings in macOS Sonoma?

A: In macOS Sonoma, you can easily customize the system settings by accessing the system preferences. Here, you can modify various appearance, security, privacy, network, and more options.

Q: Can I customize the menu bar in macOS Sonoma?

A: Yes, in macOS Sonoma, you can customize the menu bar according to your preferences. You can rearrange the menu bar items, add new icons, and remove unnecessary ones to create a personalized menu bar setup.

Q: What is screen sharing in macOS Sonoma?

A: Screen sharing is a feature in macOS Sonoma that allows users to access and control another Mac’s screen remotely. It enables collaboration, troubleshooting, and remote assistance between users.

Q: How does the presenter overlay feature work in macOS Sonoma?

A: The presenter overlay feature in macOS Sonoma allows users to present information or content on their screen with additional visual elements. It offers options to highlight specific areas, draw annotations, and use a movable bubble to emphasize particular points.

Q: What is the column view in macOS Sonoma?

A: The column view is a new organizational feature in macOS Sonoma that arranges files and folders in a multi-column layout. It allows users to navigate through their file system easily and visually represents the folder hierarchy.

Q: Are there any new communication safety features in macOS Sonoma?

A: MacOS Sonoma includes new communication safety features to enhance user privacy and security. It provides options to prevent unknown contacts from sending messages, detects and filters sensitive content, and offers improved protection against unwanted communication.

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