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Should You Buy the New M3 MacBook Air? Here’s Our Take

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The technology market has been abuzz with discussions about the latest Apple release – the M3 MacBook Air. This device has been considered a significant upgrade from its predecessors, with various features that promise to enhance user experience.

This comprehensive analysis will go into the specifics of the new MacBook Air, helping potential buyers make an informed decision.

Should You Buy the New M3 MacBook Air? Here's Our Take

Is the M3 MacBook Air Worth Buying?

The timing of the M3 MacBook Air’s launch suggests that it’s an ideal time to upgrade for users. The 13-inch and 15-inch models boast faster Apple’s M3 chips, with the only significant differences being the price and the display size.

The MacBook Air is popular among Apple consumers and is the go-to device for those seeking a laptop that can effortlessly handle everyday tasks. However, the MacBook Pro may better serve users who require a machine for system-intensive applications, such as video editing, photo editing, and 3D rendering.

If you do not need the performance gains provided by the M3 chip, the M2 MacBook Air remains a great option that allows you to save some money while still acquiring a high-quality device.

An Overview of the M3 MacBook Air

The M3 MacBook Air, unveiled in March 2024, has two variants: a 13.6-inch model and a 15.3-inch model. Both models are equipped with the M3 chip, a more advanced version of the M2 chip that offers improved performance and efficiency. The base price for the 13.6-inch M3 MacBook Air is $1,099, while the 15.3-inch model starts at $1,299.

The M2 13-inch variant remains available at a lower price, providing a more affordable option for users who do not require the upgraded performance offered by the M3 chip.

Key Specifications of M3 MacBook Air

  • Display: 13.6″ or 15.3″ Liquid Retina display with True Tone
  • Processor: Apple M2 or M3 chip with 8-core CPU and up to 10-core GPU
  • Memory: Up to 24 GB RAM
  • Storage: Up to 2 TB SSD
  • Additional Features: Touch ID, Thunderbolt/USB-C, Scissor-switch Magic Keyboard
A Deep Dive into the M3 MacBook Air

A Deep Dive into the M3 MacBook Air

This section of the article will explore the various aspects of the M3 MacBook Air, providing detailed insights into its design, performance, and other features.

M3 MacBook Air: Design

The design features thin black bezels surrounding a 13.6-inch or 15.3-inch Liquid Retina Display, supporting 1 billion colors and offering 500 nits brightness. A notch at the top of the display houses the 1080p FaceTime HD camera. Both models come with a uniquely designed speaker system and a three-microphone array.

The MacBook Air is available in Silver, Space Gray, Starlight, and Midnight. It has a black keyboard with a Touch ID and a large Force Touch trackpad. The device includes two USB-C ports, a MagSafe port for charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for high-impedance headphones.

M3 MacBook Air: Performance

The performance of the M3 MacBook Air is one of its highlights. The M3 chip, built on an updated 3-nanometer process, is a significant upgrade from the M2 chip. The M3 chip features an 8-core CPU and up to a 10-core GPU, which is 30 percent faster than the M2 chip.

The M3 chip also introduces hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading, leading to more accurate lighting and shadows in video games and faster 3D design. A dedicated media engine and a 16-core Neural Engine enhance the device’s performance.

M3 MacBook Air: Display

The MacBook Air offers two screen sizes: a 13.6-inch variant and a 15.3-inch variant. Both can display 1 billion colors using P3 Wide for vibrant and lifelike visuals. With a brightness of 500 nits maximum, the 13-inch model features a 2560 x 1664 resolution at 224 pixels per inch, while the 15-inch model offers a 2880 x 1864 resolution at the same pixel density.

Additionally, these displays incorporate True Tone technology, adapting color settings to ambient lighting conditions for an optimized viewing experience.

M3 MacBook Air: Battery Life and Charging

The MacBook Air models have a long-lasting battery that provides up to 18 hours of movie or TV watching and up to 15 hours of web browsing. The device also supports fast charging with an optional 70W USB-C power adapter.

M3 MacBook Air: Configurations and Pricing

M3 MacBook Air: Configurations and Pricing

The M3 MacBook Air comes in various configurations, allowing users to choose according to their needs and budget. The 13-inch model starts at $1,099, while the 15-inch model starts at $1,299.

SSD, memory, and processor upgrades are also available at higher prices. However, the previous-generation M2 MacBook Air is available for those seeking a more affordable option starting at $999.

Final Thoughts

The M3 MacBook Air is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, offering superior performance, a sleek design, and long-lasting battery life. However, potential buyers must consider their specific needs and budget before purchasing.

While the M3 MacBook Air is an excellent device for everyday tasks, users who require a laptop for system-intensive applications may be better off with the MacBook Pro. The M2 MacBook Air also remains a solid option for those seeking a cheaper, low-cost device.


Q. Should I consider buying the new m3 MacBook Air over other laptops?

A. If you are looking for a powerful yet lightweight laptop with impressive performance, the M3 MacBook Air could be a great choice. Its M3 chip offers excellent speed and efficiency and is suitable for various tasks.

Q. How does the M3 MacBook Air compare against the previous MacBook Air models?

A. The M3 MacBook Air features notable improvements, such as the new M3 chip, enhanced GPU, and faster SSD. These upgrades contribute to better performance and overall user experience than its predecessors.

Q. Is the M3 MacBook Air better than the MacBook Pro for regular users?

A. For everyday users looking for a reliable and powerful laptop, the M3 MacBook Air can be a suitable option. Its performance, battery life, and portability make it a compelling choice over the MacBook Pro.

Q. What are the most attractive features of the M3 MacBook Air that set it apart from other laptops?

A. The M3 MacBook Air offers a stunning display, impressive processor performance with the new M3 chip, and a sleek design. Its extended battery life and seamless SSD make it a standout in the market.

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