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Three Iconic Apple Devices Reach Vintage Status: Limited Time for Repairs

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Here calling all Apple enthusiasts! It’s time to check your tech toolbox. According to Apple’s product lifecycle, three groundbreaking devices – the iPhone X, HomePod, and original AirPods – have officially entered the “vintage” category. This means if you’re rocking any of these gadgets, your window for repairs is slowly closing.

Three Iconic Apple Devices Reach Vintage Status

What Does “Vintage” Mean for Apple Products?

Apple classifies products as “vintage” when discontinued for over five years but less than seven years. While this doesn’t render your device obsolete overnight, it does impact your repair options.

For the next two years, Apple Stores and authorized repair shops will prioritize fixing your iPhone X, HomePod, or original AirPods – but only if parts are available. After that two-year window closes, these devices transition to “obsolete” status, meaning Apple will no longer offer any hardware service for them.

A Look Back

A Look Back: How These Apple Devices Paved the Way

These vintage products hold a special place in Apple’s history, marking a significant shift or addition to the brand’s lineup.

The iPhone X (2017):

Ushering in Face ID and a Bezel-Less Era—The $999 iPhone X was a game-changer. It swapped the traditional TouchID for FaceID, allowing users to unlock their phones with a simple glance. This innovation paved the way for a new era of facial recognition technology in smartphones, and the near-bezel-less design influenced countless phone designs that followed.

The HomePod (2017):

Apple’s First Smart Speaker Gamble – Priced at $349, the HomePod was Apple’s first foray into the smart speaker market. While some saw it as a risky investment, it offered high-fidelity sound and seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem. The HomePod’s launch helped pave the way for the more compact HomePod mini (2020) and the feature-rich HomePod 2nd generation (2023).

The Original AirPods (2016): Reimagining Wireless Earbuds –

The original AirPods, retailing for $159, were Apple’s answer to the growing demand for wireless headphones. Their innovative charging case and double-tap feature for Siri access made them a convenient and popular choice. The success of the original AirPods solidified Apple’s position in the true wireless earbuds market, leading to several new iterations over the years.

What This Means for You

What This Means for You: Keeping Your Vintage Apple Devices Running

If you’re a proud owner of a vintage iPhone X, HomePod, or original AirPods, here’s what you should do:

  • Routine Maintenance: Take preventative measures to extend the lifespan of your device. Update your software, clean your AirPods and charging case regularly, and avoid exposing your HomePod to moisture or extreme temperatures.
  • Backup Your Data: Regularly back up your data on your iPhone X to iCloud or another storage solution. This ensures you don’t lose precious photos, contacts, and other important information if your phone needs a repair that’s no longer covered.
  • Consider Upgrading: While repairs might still be an option for the next two years, this timeframe is shrinking. If you’ve been holding onto your vintage device and considering an upgrade, now might be the perfect time to explore newer models offering the latest features and extended support.
The Takeaway

The Takeaway: Embrace the Evolution

Apple’s vintage product classification reminds us of the constant evolution of technology. While these three devices are significant in Apple’s history, newer models offer improved features and capabilities. By understanding your repair options and considering an upgrade if needed, you can ensure you get the most out of your Apple experience.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Apple labeling these 3 iconic products – the iPhone X, HomePod, and original AirPods – as “vintage” signifies a turning point. It’s a chance to reminisce about the groundbreaking features they introduced, like FaceID, high-fidelity smart speakers, and the convenience of truly wireless earbuds.

However, with repairs becoming limited in the soon-to-be “obsolete” category, Apple says it’s time to assess your needs. Can you extend the life of your device with some TLC? Is an upgrade more practical to ensure continued support and the latest features?

The decision is yours. But one thing’s for sure: as technology continues to evolve, these vintage devices will become cherished memories, paving the way for even more innovative products from Apple.


Q. What does it mean when Apple labels these three iconic devices as vintage?

A. When Apple labels these three iconic products as vintage, it means they have officially reached the status of no longer being supported by Apple hardware service. This designation indicates that service providers might consider these devices obsolete or near the end of their service life.

Q. Which are the three iconic Apple products that have been reported to reach vintage status?

A. The three iconic Apple products announced to reach vintage status are the iPhone X, the original AirPods, and the HomePod.

Q. What are the implications of these Apple devices becoming vintage?

A. As these Apple devices become vintage, service providers might stop offering repair services for them. This could make it harder for users to find parts or fix their devices.

Q. How long ago did Apple initially release the mentioned devices?

A. The iPhone X was released in 2017, the HomePod was released in 2018, and the original AirPods were released in 2016.

Are there any alternatives for users whose vintage Apple devices are no longer serviced?

For users of vintage Apple devices that are no longer in service, it might be worth considering third-party repair shops or DIY repair options.

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