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Apple Announces On-Device AI for iPhone with iOS 18 Update

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We won’t be able to see iOS 18 until another six weeks, assuming Apple offers a sneak peek of this year’s iPhone software update at WWDC 2024 on June 100. However, if reports about the company’s AI plans hold, Apple might have already made a particularly astute move regarding the iOS upgrade.

Apple Announces On-Device AI for iPhone with iOS 18 Update

As you’re likely aware, AI is poised to play a significant role in iOS 18, as Apple aims to introduce more AI-powered features to its phones this year. This makes Apple decide: Should it rely on cloud resources to power these features or ensure everything operates locally, leveraging the neural engine of the iPhone’s system-on-chip?

Reports indicate that Apple has already made its choice — opting for on-device AI for iOS 18. If accurate, this decision speaks volumes about what Apple aims to accomplish with this year’s update.

The Significance of On-device AI 

The Significance of On-device AI 

It lies in its impact on two core aspects Apple values for its iPhone experience: responsiveness and privacy. Opting for cloud-based AI would likely have resulted in more extensive features being integrated into the iPhone, but this would have come at the expense of responsiveness and privacy.

Some sources note that with on-device AI, Apple’s AI tools may be somewhat less powerful and knowledgeable in certain cases, but this approach ensures quicker response times and simplifies Apple’s maintenance of user privacy.

While turning to cloud servers offers increased processing power for certain features, such as Google Pixel 8 Pro’s Video Boost feature, the processing can be time-consuming compared to on-device tasks like translation, transcription, and summaries, which can be completed swiftly by a mobile processor.

In terms of privacy, even though companies may implement measures to secure data sent to the cloud, it’s beyond their control once data leaves the user’s device. This aligns with Apple’s sensitivity to privacy concerns in other areas, indicating a likely consideration in the context of AI as well.

However, choosing on-device AI features raises questions about compatibility across different iPhone models. While rumors suggest that devices dating back to the 2018 iPhone XR will support iOS 18, older iPhones may lack the processing power found in newer models.

Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon for older phones to miss out on features introduced in iOS updates. For example, iOS 17 introduced on-screen effects to FaceTime, requiring at least an iPhone 12 to access the feature. Similar feature requirements may exist in iOS 18, regardless of whether they are AI-powered or not.

Revamped Built-in Apps

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update is shaping into a major overhaul for iPhones. Here’s a breakdown of the critical features expected:

Revamped Built-in Apps

  • Reports suggest that iOS 18 will significantly update many popular native apps, including Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness. Specific details haven’t been revealed, but rumors suggest the Notes app will gain functionalities like displaying complex math equations and recording voice memos.
  • iPadOS 18 is also expected to benefit from the long-awaited addition of a built-in Calculator app.

Improved Messaging and User Experience

Cross-platform RCS messaging could be integrated into the Messages app, allowing for a smoother messaging experience between iPhone and Android users.

The Main Event: On-Device AI

The Main Event: On-Device AI

  • The rumored inclusion of on-device generative AI features powered by Apple’s large language model will likely be a significant focus at WWDC. This could introduce functionalities like more innovative Siri interactions, AI-powered writing assistants, and personalized experiences within various apps.
  • Reports also suggest Apple might explore partnerships with companies like Google, OpenAI, and Baidu, potentially indicating collaboration on AI development for iPhones.
  •  Apart from the anticipated Siri overhaul, rumors surrounding iOS 18 suggest potential capabilities such as AI-generated playlists in Apple Music, slide creation assistance in Keynote, suggested text generation for Pages documents, and a Safari browsing assistant designed to summarize content found on web pages.

A Potential Gamechanger

  • People are already labeling iOS 18 as the most significant update in Apple’s history, and the emphasis on AI advancements lends credence to this claim. The official announcement is expected at the WWDC keynote on June 10.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

With a focus on improved user experience, revamped apps, and the exciting integration of on-device AI, iOS 18 promises to be a significant update for iPhones. Whether it lives up to the title of “biggest update in Apple’s history” remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: the WWDC keynote on June 10 will be packed with exciting announcements.


What are the key highlights of the iOS 18 update from Apple?

The iOS 18 update from Apple introduces groundbreaking AI features specifically designed for iPhone users. This update focuses on enhancing user privacy and security by bringing on-device AI capabilities to the forefront.

How does the on-device AI in iOS 18 differentiate Apple from other tech giants like Google?

Unlike Google, which heavily relies on cloud-based AI, Apple, with its on-device AI approach, ensures that user data and processing stay on the device, minimizing reliance on external servers and enhancing privacy.

What generative AI features can users expect with the iOS 18 update?

The iOS 18 update promises to bring advanced generative AI features, including improvements to Siri, better text and data processing capabilities, and the integration of AI into many aspects of the iPhone user experience.

Is the inclusion of ChatGPT or similar technologies part of the on-device AI offering with iOS 18?

While specific details are yet to be revealed, reports suggest that the iOS 18 update may incorporate chatbots and AI models like ChatGPT into the system, enhancing the overall user experience.

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