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Samsung Unpacked Leak Reveals New Galaxy Watch Ultra, Watch 7, and Galaxy Buds 3

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Get ready for wearables galore! Samsung’s next Unpacked event is just around the corner, scheduled for July 10, and thanks to a leak, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what to expect. The leak showcases three new devices: the Galaxy Watch Ultra, the Galaxy Watch 7, and the redesigned Galaxy Buds 3.

Samsung Unpacked Leak Reveals New Galaxy Watch Ultra Watch 7 And Galaxy Buds 3

Galaxy Watch Ultra: A Premium Powerhouse

Samsung is playing for the high-end smartwatch market with the Galaxy Watch Ultra. This premium wearable boasts a classic design with a bright orange band, hinting at a broader range of color options. The leak reveals a circular watch face in a squarish case, matching previous rumors. Two buttons flank what appears to be an orange digital crown on the right side.

The most exciting feature might be the microLED display with a sapphire crystal screen, rumored to reach 3,000 nits of brightness. That’s some severe outdoor visibility! With a price tag of around $700, the Galaxy Watch Ultra aims to compete directly with Apple’s Watch Ultra series.

Galaxy Watch 7 Sticking To Its Roots

Galaxy Watch 7: Sticking to its Roots

The leak confirms the design speculations surrounding the Galaxy Watch 7, previously leaked by OnLeaks. While rumors swirled about a potential square form factor, Samsung appears to be staying true to the classic circular face that’s defined the Galaxy Watch series for the past six iterations.

The leaked image showcases an olive green colorway, a departure from the previously rumored grey, white, and forest green. The familiar Gold and Graphite colors from the Galaxy Watch 6 will likely come back. The Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to land between the recently announced $199 Galaxy Watch FE and the premium Ultra, with a price range of $299 to $499.

Galaxy Buds 3 A Bean No More

Galaxy Buds 3: A Bean No More

The Galaxy Buds are finally ditching their signature bean-shaped design! Evan Blass’s leaked images reveal a redesign incorporating stems, similar to Apple’s AirPods. While the new design might take some time for longtime Galaxy Buds users, the stems are supposed to improve control functionality and microphone quality.

Pricing for the Galaxy Buds 3 remains under wraps, but considering the Galaxy Buds 2 debuted at $140 and the Buds 2 Pro launched at $230, we can expect a similar price range for the upcoming Buds 3.

Mark Your Calendars for July 10

Mark Your Calendars for July 10

These exciting devices are expected to be officially uncovered at the Samsung Unpacked event on July 10, which is not very far off. With a premium smartwatch, a refined classic, and redesigned earbuds, Samsung seems to cater to a wide range of wearable enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more details as the official launch date approaches!

Final Thoughts

While Evan Blass’ leak has given us a solid idea of what to expect from Samsung’s next Unpacked event, some unanswered questions remain. We’re eager to learn more about these new wearables’ specific features and functionalities, along with official confirmation of their pricing and release dates. One thing’s for sure: July 10 promises to be a big day for Samsung and smartwatch fans.

So, whether you’re a fitness fanatic seeking a powerful smartwatch or a music lover looking for improved audio experiences, be sure to tune in to the Samsung Unpacked event to see what these new devices offer!


Q. What was revealed in the Samsung Unpacked Leak?

A. The Samsung Unpacked leak revealed that Samsung is set to unveil new devices, including the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Watch 7, and Galaxy Buds3.

Q. When will the next unpacked event take place?

A. The leak suggests that the next Unpacked event, at which the new devices will likely be announced, is scheduled for July 10.

Q. What are the key features of the new Galaxy Watch Ultra?

A. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to offer big improvements over the previous Watch 6, with a huge focus on design and ultra-performance.

Q. Will the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro be revealed?

A. The leak suggests that the announcement will include the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, potentially including the Galaxy Ring design.

Q. How does this leak impact Samsung’s competition, such as Apple?

A. The leak hints at new features that could challenge Apple products like the Airpods, indicating that Samsung is stepping up its game in the wearable device market.

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